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Company Overview:

Dengyi Electronics Ltd., one of the world's leading providers of TFT-LCD panels.
We are the authorized distributor of Innolux (CMO) and AUO, specialized in TFT-LCD screen for tablet and laptop using. In 2006 was established in Taipei Taiwan , with excellent products and professional services. We quickly take the market, and have became an internationally known supplier of LCD. In 2007, in order to develop the Chinese market , we also set up a business office in Shenzhen for take charge of business promotion and customer-service work. We provide a perfect service network to gain customer confidence. Looking to the future,
Dengyi Electronics
will continue to develop the field of liquid crystal display panels.  Our commitment is to popularize the flat panel display technology, well use the global logistics system and alliance partners. We expect to joint development of the market and become the top supplier of LCD panels. 

Innolux LCD panels Innolux Laptop LCD Screens  AUO Laptop LCD panels


Taipei city,Taiwan: Headquarter.
Suzhou city, China: Customer service center.
Suzhou city, China: Tax-free Warehouse.
DongGuan city, China: Tax-free Warehouse.
ShenZhen city, China: Sales Office.
ChongQing city, China: Tax-free Warehouse.
HongKong : Warehouse and logistic center.


2006: Established in Taipei, Taiwan, trading for TFT-LCD panels.
2007: Dengyi set up the customer service center in SuZhou, and sales office in ShenZhen.
Innolux merged with ChiMei (CMO).
The laptop LCD screen start to use eDP interface.
2011: CMI and the CHIMEI brand succeffully launch world's first carbon-neutral 3D LCD TV.
2011: 4k2k UHD LCD TV launched.
CmiMei Innolux Corporation (CMI) changes its name to Innolux Corporation.
2013: LCD with IPS had a million demand for tablet market.
2014: AUO start to produce UHD 4K curved LCD TV displays.

We provide TFT-LCD panels and most of time have stock over 250,000.pcs in DongGuan,Suzhou and HongKong warehouse, price range was from USD 15/pcs to USD 4000/pcs, A grade or A- grade. Please contact with our sales dept. to get more product info and stock status. We hope to work with you in the near future!

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